6ix9ine calls Meek Mill a Rat

6ix9ine goes on Instagram live to expose Meek Mill for being a Rat. The rainbow head rapper said that Desiree Perez the CEO of Roc nation wore a wire to inform the Feds of Drug Dealers.Trollz 6ix9ine Nicki Minaj6ix9ine says that since Meek Mill said if you hang out with Rats your a rat, because he hangs out Desiree Perez that makes him a rat. He then goes off on Snoop Dogg saying that he also is a rat and then goes to a video of Suge Knignt where he talks about Snoop Dogg snitching. On the video Suge Knight says the reason Snoop Dogg never gets jail time is because the FEDS want him on the streets so that they can get information from Snoop . 6ixnine also mentions Gunna 6ix9ine joins Nicki Minaj on IG Instagram Live to promote their new video Trollz.

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