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    This product could be selected according to the characters of users to use two kinds of fiber material part, outer hybrid production, can also according to customer needs special luminous rope, nylon rope with abrasion resistance and antistatic property and is widely used in oil tanker, our factory insists on “quality first, service first” philosophy, strictly implement the international standard production line.
    Introduction to the use, inspection and maintenance of rope:
    1. Enable the new cable to pay attention to the manufacture date on the package, check the color and smell of the cable, yellow new inside and outside Manila rope fiber should drop shots, bright color, no smell, exterior level off is smooth.
    2. The cable should be used as far as possible to avoid abrasion, often friction or through the cable section of the lead cable and the edge of the dock, to be wrapped in machine cloth or sack, or to cover the old tyre.
    3. When the white brown rope is damp, it will shrink and harden, and the strength and elasticity will stretch after the team dries. Rain, snow, fog should tighten the rope properly to relax, so as not to break.
    4.The cable should be checked regularly. If there is any phenomenon of wear and decay, it should be replaced immediately in case of accident.
    5. when the cable is not in use, it should be placed on a wooden mat, or coiled in a cable car, and covered with canvas tickets to avoid the sun and rain.
    6. to prevent the cable from contacting acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals, so as to avoid the corrosion of the fiber.Mooring Rope