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    Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Introduction
    Wood Plastic Composite Flooring is the new material floor developed by our company for the home decoration flooring material market. It adapts to the demand of the times and is the new material replacing the wood floor. It has the similar material with the wood floor, equal proportion to the wood and superior structure to the wood. The product uses the wood characteristics and wood structure principle to solve the problem of the seam between floor battens, and adopts the ancient Chinese lock connection method, thus making such new floor become more scientific and reasonable, convenient construction, durable.
    WPC flooring features:
    1. Abrasive resistant, self-clean, environmental.
    2. Fire resistant and mute noise.
    3. Resist impact, anti-skidding, shock absorption, can ensure the security of athlete
    4. Soft and comfortable, high resilience.

    Advantages of Wood Plastic Composite Flooring
    Product Advantage
    1、Moderate price,wide adaptability,beautiful texture
    2、Fire prevention,water resistance,skid resistance,corrosion prevention,moth proofing,insect prevention
    3、Easy cleaning,wear resistance
    4、Convenient transportation,light weight,low handling cost
    5、Convenient installation,without the professional worker’s construction
    6、The product has the strong adaptability and adapts to the paving at various occasions
    7、The product has the long service cycle,and the product slitter edge and old floor can be recycled,avoiding the secondary pollution
    8、The product has the diverse design and color,including the wood figure of rosewood,sandalwood,padauk,oak, camphorwood and other imitated woods as well as imitated marble,imitated antique and imitated brick.
    9、The surface has the wearing layer and has the antibacterial effect.UV nano processing No waxing
    10、The product is odorlessness,formaldehyde-free and non-toxic,and is the green environment-friendly product.The company has various certification and quality inspection reports of the product.
    Installation & Maintenance
    Before installation, the existing floor must be flat, stable, dry and clean; Daub the glue onto the floor, 20 to 30 minutes later, do the installation before the glue is thoroughly dry. Flip the tiles lightly with rubber hammer to make them agglutinate firmly; then inspect the defect within one hour. This product is easy in maintenance, mop is enough to make the floor clean.
    Why choose us?
    1.WUXI TEFA DECORATION MATERIAL CO., LTD. is a ground material company integrating the production, design, sales and construction of PVC flooring (plastic flooring), indoor sports floor gym rubber floor, and vinyl planks floor.
    2.The company strictly controls product quality and develops environmentally friendly non-toxic formaldehyde-free flooring
    3.Products through the China Product Quality Supervision Center, the National Sports Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the National Building Materials Testing Center and other authoritative agencies testing.
    4.Obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, European CE, EN14904 and many other certifications

    Our Service
    1.We are offering 24 house online service for customer enquires.
    2.We offer 20 year warranty and we are willing to resend you any decking for you if it has quality issues within our warranty (only if you install it correctly).
    3.We provide individual customization service from tooling to the finished products, enable to customize your own WPC that meet your market needs. (Any WPC product customization can be provided)
    4.We ensure you to have a competitive price with good quality products.
    5.We provide installation instruction, as well as installation team (if customer can provides visa for them). cheap Click Flooring